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 Tradies right across Australia are starting value wearing dependable, practical, functional and durable work wear in their individual profession.

Leading work wear manufacturers have been able to provide cutting edge products that are thoughtfully designed and can help tradesmen perform their job in more comfort. FXD Work Wear is one such manufacturer in Australia that provides a core range of product with a terrific design and practical features.

Products of FXD Work Wear that have taken the workwear apparel scene by storm:


  1. WP-1 – Work Pant

For tough tradies doing the hard yakka, the FXD WP1 work pant is quickly becoming the new legend in Australian trade pants. The fundamentals of the FXD WP-1 pant are extremely solid. These trousers feature quality materials that are strong and durable with a modern narrow fit that is comfortable. Add to that Duratech reinforcing in the pockets and heels, kneepad pockets, a stretch back yoke and well-designed cargo and ruler pockets and you have one of the most well rounded work pants ever made. Everything that has been added to these pants serves a purpose so you’re not paying for unnecessary gimmicks – All killer, no filler!

  1. WS-1 – Work Shorts - FXD Work Wear shorts are of premium quality and comfort. Some of our customers ware these all year round, they must be working extra hard in the winter! These are the shorts version of the WP-1 pants, they both feature triple stitched seams and bar tacked stress points, adding to the durability that FXD is famous for. The stretch back yoke, a clever cargo pocket, a combination ruler/tool pocket and wide belt loops set these shorts apart from the pack. The FXD WS1 work shorts sit just above the knee, if you’re looking for something shorter check out the WS-2 Shorts.
  1. LS-1 – FXD Lightweight Work Shorts – The secret of the FXD LS1 quick drying work shorts is in the fabric - Taslon. Taslon is a Nylon fabric that combines the traditional appeal of cotton with the performance benefits of modern fiber technology. Taslon is a modern, high-tech, woven fabric that is light yet strong and durable. It’s also quick drying and able to wick moisture away from the body quickly and efficiently. Because it doesn’t hold the water like cotton you’re not left standing in cold, wet clothes when you stop working. These features make the FXD LS-1 lightweight shorts a favorite for tradies that want to jump straight into the surf after (or duringJ) work.  
  1. WS-2 – Work Shorts - The FXD WS-2 is a tradies best friend! These shorts are a shorter cut making them ideal for workers climbing ladders, wall frames or scaffold. The shorter length allows a freedom of movement that you don’t always get from the longer length shorts. They include smart features such a handy ruler pocket, Duratech reinforcing and belt loops. The fabric pre shrunk cotton twill that has very soft feel, but don’t be fooled buy how they feel these are a serious pair of work shorts built to last.
  1. WD-1- FXD Work Denim – These Pants are rugged and good for daily use. They are an ideal pair of jeans for work with the perfect combination of durability, weight and flexibility. These work pants have heaps of stretch and will come out of the bag with a feel as if they have been worn many times before. The feature a ruler and tool pocket plus the normal jean pockets. The WD1’s have kneepad pockets that serve to protect the denim and can accommodate some extra padding if required. FXD are becoming known for its use of quality materials and the jeans are no exception. A pair of fashion using this denim would sell for more than double the price of these.
  1. WD-2 FXD Work Denim, part 2. The FXD WD-2’s were produced due to popular demand. So many customers loved the original WD-1 work jean but wanted them looking a bit less like traditional workpants. Some even went as far as buying a brand new pair of WD1’s and removed the kneepad pockets themselves! So the second model of work jean from FXD was born. Still packing a ruler pocket and an insane amount of comfort, these jeans can be whatever you want them to be!
  1. WP-A – Work Pant – Auto: These are known as the Redbull or 888 racing pant. They have been purpose built and designed from the ground up for the automotive industry. Once again, the secret is in the high quality material. It’s an 8 ounce stretch cotton Coolmax, T400 Lycra Twill. What does that mean? Glad you asked! Basically you have the comfort of cotton with the durability of polyester so you get the best of both worlds. To make them better they have a great modern cut and offer a bit of stretch so you look and feel good. These are true to size, color fast and can be industrially laundered. The have one concealed cargo pocket and extra belt loops to hold them in the right place. If you work in the automotive industry you couldn’t go wrong with a pair of Redbull 888 Auto pants.
  1. SK-1 – FXD Work Socks - You do not have to search for work socks anywhere else. The FXD SK1 tradesmen’s socks are ideal for people who are on the move constantly and who need rugged socks for a hard day’s work. Not too heavy and not too light, these socks are durable and easy to wear with some cushioning to handle any kind of boots. You get 5 pairs in the pack giving you great bang for your buck.

It is not easy to find reliable and credible work wear suppliers. FXD Work Wear is one that offers you quality, consistency and reliability. Its comfortable, looks great and is backed by the outstanding reputation of Globe. Globe have been designing and making quality street wear and apparel that can handle the extreme demands of board sports. `Function by Design’ is the brand and the mission. It makes sense that a company that has enjoyed enormous success building apparel for extreme sports apply their knowledge and experience to workwear market.

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