About Us

Trendy Trades ( A Division of The Work Wear Safety Shop ) is a one-stop shop for all Workwear and safety brands Australia Wide. Established in 2010 in Blairgowrie, this retail store is wholly Australian operated and owned. Utilizing national buying power, we have a special place in the corporate wear, protective and safety Workwear markets on the peninsula and beyond.

Trendy Trades ( A Division of The Work Wear Safety Shop )  prides itself on product knowledge and honest customer service. Their professional employees always understand that customers need efficient and reliable service. This is the reason why they are committed to providing high quality customer care from shopping up to delivering goods to homes and businesses.

A Complete Line of High Quality Brand Choices

The company sells a variety of high quality brands in its local and overseas retail outlets. From work clothes to accessories brands, they have it all. Every brand that is being sold in their stores has undergone a strict and thorough assessment by their fashion and clothing staff. This enables the company to provide only top class products that meet client needs.

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